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When your "boosted" post doesn't bring you business!

Facebook can be the most powerful advertising tool on planet earth...PERIOD! However, if you are only tapping the "boost" button and expecting that to solve all of your advertising challenges and drive sales for your brand, you will be disappointed.

The reason the BOOST button was created was to get small businesses spending money with the platform easily. Simply tapping the boost button and walking through a few simple steps is a small barrier even for the busiest of business owners. They can do it right from their mobile device and BAM, they are advertising!

The only thing is, Facebook doesn't make it common knowledge that the boost feature is primarily for increasing engagement for your post. Engagement isn't the end all solution to makling your business money. Although they have tried to ad in some additional functionality from the boost interface, it doesn't publish the same as using the ads manager functions to create ads using the dedicated ads tools they provide.

Using the Facebook advertising software will give you WAAAAY more advertising bang-for-the-buck. It allows you to build out many different unique types of ads that all have different purposes. The software knows when you are publishing ads from your Facebook page's timeline (your business page) or the ads manager and it gives results accordingly. The results from the ads manager are less expensive and have a lower CPR (cost per result) than those boosted posts. Less money spent...more people reached that take the action you need them to take.

Here's an example: A FB post with the "boost" feature used to drive traffic to a website is regularly 80% more expensive per click than a "traffic" campaign built in the ads manager. It's not rocket science but is certainly more complex.

If you are still just boosting your posts and would like to find out how to use the ads manager, let us know, we will be happy to guide you.

Happy Marketing! 😎

David Crews, Founder, XLR8 New Media


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