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The Coinbase Superbowl Data Grab Formula

QR Code + Landing Page + Marketing Automation = MASSIVE new clients.

Soooo... Coinbase shot up to number #2 in the app store with their QR Code bouncing around the screen during their Superbowl ad campaign. Your database is the lifeblood of your business. QR Codes (when used properly) can G R O W your database exponentially.

This is what Coinbase did. Do the math and you will see that what it cost them to gain all the new app downloads, is insignificant to what the lifetime value of the app holders will be as a whole and on average.

NOT SURE how to get started? Let's talk shop. I can design a campaign like the one you see in this QR code that will BLOW UP your growth!

BTW, there's a cool special when you scan the QR code you see here that we built out for one of our clients using this strategy. Check it out!

May you prosper and be of good success!

David Crews


Call me @ 228-617-0888

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