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The steps to what we do!

How to set up and run campaigns for our clients

CONGRATULATIONS!  If you are seeing this page you are definitely part of the team!  I will try to make this as simple as possible but should you have any questions, please ask me.

What we do is bring marketing return on investment for our clients using social media to deliver content that goes viral and gathers content for future re-marketing on an ongoing basis.  This allows are clients to develop a relationship with the customers we bring them.  This strategy of developing the relationship and communicating with the customers, achieves top of mind awareness with them and drives up revenues.

STEP ONE - Developing the campaign

When we design campaigns we have to consider the following:

1.  How big is their social media population?

This helps us determine how many people are used to seeing their brand to some degree in social.  If they have a small following, we know we will have to get through the "branding curve" first.  That means we need a campaign that shows the brand to as many as possible as often as possible so they get used to seeing it in their news feeds.  They have to see a brand at least 7 times before they will engage with it.   

2.  What kind of products do they sell?  IS it an impulse item everyone wants (restaurant food) or is it something they don't really want to spend money on but needs to do so anyway (tires, car repair).  This impacts it's ability to get going virally.

3.  Are they willing to GIVE stuff away to get the business long term?  We need offers and promotions that are COMPELLING not weak!  People want DEALS to show up in their news feed if they are going to interact with them otherwise, they get annoyed by the ads!  ( BOGO free, Free dessert, free drink...anything FREE is always good!)

4.  Write good EXCITING ad copy!  When you make the post in social, make it exciting!  Use emojis and make them think that THIS is the deal of a lifetime!

This is not even close to all of what is needed for good thought process on the subject, but I want to jump into the campaign development of the assets needed to execute a campaign.

STEP TWO - Developing the ASSETS

1.  Mailchimp makes most of it work!  You must do the following to develop the Mailchimp assets:

     A.  You will first need to build their Mailchimp account.  You can create a Gmail email address to do this or you can use their

email address.  IF you use their email address be sure they are prepared to accept the verification Mailchimp will send them immediately or it will slow down your progress.  Once the account is verified you can begin creating your campaign assets.  

     B.   More than likely it will need a new landing page.  You must build a new LIST before you start your landing page.

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