Numbers Never Lie!

Everything we do is carefully measured and reported to prove your ROI!

STEP 1 - Targeting

Targeting is EVERYTHING!  That's why we will make absolutely sure we are delivering your brand message to those who are qualified prospects!

We will work with you to understand exactly who your target market is.  Gender, age, income, interests, what do they do with their time, what are their favorite things to do?  All of this matters in targeting!

STEP 2 - create the assets

Once the ad is clicked, the visitor will go to a "landing page" that continues to tell the story and convince them to take advantage of the offer or promotion.

We carefully monitor the results of the ad delivery and the landing page clicks and submissions to make sure your campaign is at optimum performance. 

In this real-life example, with a $100 ad budget, the client paid $0.063 per click!

This was with a $25 ad budget!  That's $0.014 per click!

This was with a $70 ad budget!  That's $0.098 per click!

STEP 3 - remarketing

After your visitor submits their information for an offer, an automated marketing sequence of emails is triggered.

When the proper targeting is done with the proper landing page to follow and the continued brand message sent to their inbox, you achieve "Top-of-Mind" awareness and you become the clear decision in your niche for them to do business with!

We will compile the data and create "custom audiences" and "look-a-like audiences" based on those that have engaged with your brand in ads and in email.  We will be able to deliver ads to their news feeds "following" them and increasing conversions!


We just need some editorial content from you to start!


There is a one-time set up investment, a monthly management fee, some editorial content and we can take it from there. 

Best of all there is no contract, we have to earn your business every month.

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